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I tried to replace the air filter on my 01 93 Base.
I ordered the part from AAP. It is Purolator Classic Panel Type Air Filter (A25210)|GRPFILTAMS_____#fragment-3

Dimension is:
Width: 6.18
Length: 11.02
Height: 2.24

However, when I took the old filter out, I realized that the new one doesn't fit the box. It is shorter and wider.

I also searched other websites, find this page:]=&data[catalog]=1&data[itemcode]=3982909

It seems that a lot website use above dimension for 93.

I don't know if Saab used two sizes of air filters on the same model/year.

I am wondering if any one can give me some model No. or correct dimension for the air filter?

Thanks a lot.
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