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Dr. S,

I recently had this promblem with my 01 9-5. It may be a similar issue with the 900. There are several small electric motors which control the linkages for the flaps, doors, vents, etc. Mine were on the passenger side of the center console. I removed the glove box and some of the carpet covering the area and was able to see the control rods and motors. If you can do this, look for a rod that you can move with your hand with the system off. If you can move one back and forth it means the gear in the motor is not engaged with the gear in the linkage mechanism. You can also try to observe the operation of everything while you manipulate the temperature settings to look for one that does not move. In either case, you should be able to see if a motor/rod assembly is not working properly. If you find this, remove the motor and observe the fit of the gear on the shaft, with the larger reduction gear. Often the shaft moves out from the motor and will no longer engage. If so, TAP the gear back into the motor until you get proper alignment of the gears. If you go too far, tap back from the other end. Reassemble and try it!

Good luck, hope this helps.

You can see a lot more on this topic in the 9-5 forum FAQ. Scroll down to the code 08 topic and sit back and digest it!
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