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Air Con annoyance

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Does anyone else have an ACC unit with a mind of its own.
I rarely have / want the air conditioning on, so I normally have the econ on.
When I start the engine, 9 times out of 10 the unit will automatically turn to auto and start caning 'air conned' air dans ma visage!
You'd have thought the unit would start with the same setting that it was on when the engine was turned off...

Anyone else come across this problem? Solutions?
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Turn the system off.
Press FAN SPEED+ and ECON.
Display should blink.
Every time the car is started it will be in that config.
Exception: If you change any settings, and turn car off...if you turn the car back on within 5 minutes or so, the system stays at where you just set it. Car must be off for 10 minutes or so for it to default back to the SAVED setting.
Love that feature.
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