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Air bag alert message on dash

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I'm posting this for a friend who has a 99 900 SE and he's getting the dreaded exclamation point within the red triangle and an "air bag" light.

His mechanics checked the code and it said it was a side airbag issue. I notced that the plastic seat frame on the driver's seat (where the seat memory controls are) was broken and partially detatched from the seat.

Questions: Are there seat airbags on this model, and could he just be dealing with a loose wire?
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earthworm said:
Second the good advice from Jeremy, but I disagree with the assessment that the connections are not good quality; at least on my '96 they are(Amp company, worldwide?)..Maybe some changes have been made- one way or the other...

My SRS and the "!" are also aglow.. and there is little chance that anything is wrong....

Is the life risk worth $the price of an OBD II/Tech 2 ?? I drove Saabs even before the days of the seat belt and harness..
Not to hijack the thread, but I think this is one of those things I would fix eventually. On the other hand, I suspect earthworm's right. I suspect that with a seatbelt our cars are pretty safe even if the airbag doesn't work.

Of course the side airbag helps a lot where a seatbelt does no good, on the other hand, most of us don't have one, so does that mean we're extreme risk takers ? :roll:

Still, I'd try to fix it myself then fork over the hundred bucks to get the system reset.

Is there any chance it would reset if the battery was disconnected?
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