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So this weekend I had to completely stop listening to music because of a metal grind rattle that would not end...

after looking into it i found 2 huge sources of rattle

1) installing 6x9s w/out spacers. Its extremely hard to get 4 screws into place so I used only 2. I never had a problem with the plastic from the speaker hitting the metal from the rear deck but apparently thats what happened (almost immediately after 5000 miles too). It sounded like a metal grinding sound, it was so disturbing you couldn't listen to all with that sound

2) the brake light right above the rear deck. I'm not sure if this thing was once glued so that there were no gaps, but now there are gaps between the roof and the lighting fixture, it rattles like crazy.

i fixed both of these problems with good ol cardboard. i was going to get spacers for the speakers but i had a shoe box laying around so i tried that first and it
the fixture, also cardboard, the areas that seemed detached from the roof, i just stuck a fat chunk in there to cause it to be at a position that allowed for no movement
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