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Aight, so from what I can find, pretty much every Saab has this flickering problem with LED replacement bulbs, even Opel and some GM models. I've started working on mods to make them compatible since... September I think. My prototype worked, but it was bulky and couldn't be shrunk down for T10 bulbs (economically), so only the headlights can be fitted and have the flickers mitigated. However! I've recently finished the new system that can be shrunk. So far it seems to suppress the flickers when the car is off, I've yet to give it a reliability test but that's just a matter of driving around with it in for a while.

Assuming this works well, I've got about another 2 months of component testing, then another 1.5 months until the first test batch of T10s are ready.

What I'm interested in knowing is what have, if any of, ya'll have done to put LEDs in, like mods, drop-ins that worked flawlessly, etc. Honestly, I'm probably wasting my time if there is already stuff that works, I'm just assuming there isn't anything cause the bulbsets I've tried that specifically advertise to work for this (and are more expensive) don't. There's potential for a test group if all goes well.


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