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Hey guys - I just installed a new front bumper on my tally red 90 SPG... and its' made the rest of my bodykit look totally faded and crap. (its the bodykit painted anthracite like all US spgs) I used to think it was in pretty good condition but the newness right next to it really brings out the faded grey color.

SO -- I'm about to undertake a repaint. I'll take off all the panels and rear bumper, and I'd like to do it myself. Just went on a honeymoon that broke the bank so going to a paint shop probably isn't an option.

Have read alot and tried myself the SEM bumper coater (charcoal metallic, 39273 maybe is the #). Goes on well, it's in aerosol spray cans.

Color's close, I like working with the paint BUT the one thing that bugs is that the sheen is slightly different. The SEM paint is just a bit more "flat" than the new bumper. The new bumper has a kind of even eggshell sheen, not gloss, not flat. (ps - gloss isn't what I want, it really brings out every little imperfection in the panels, something that I don't desire)

So -- should I 1) clearcoat this SEM bumper paint or 2) polish it lightly somehow (rubbing compound) to match the sheen. If clearcoat, what type is flexible and will go over SEM bumper coater paint well?

Anyone done this? I'd prefer the polish route, but what do I use? Light rubbing compound? I don't want to rub it out so that it's too too shiny or glossy of course.


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