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RB- there is a place up in Elkridge Md called Ye Olde Wheel Shoppe. Number is 410-796-8400.

I have had some rims done there to take care of rash. They do a good job, runs about $100 per rim - and they will have to keep it for probably a couple of weeks. This cost is only for rims that are not bent.

I say that becasue you might be surprised to find out that they may indeed have a bend that you cannot see by visual inspection. They can put it on a rotating machine with a straight edge and you will see that wheel shimmy like a stripper.

According to a couple of speed shops around here, this is one of the few places on the East Coast that does this sort of thing - so they have a captive market and a huge backlog.

Re the center caps, check the diameter of the existing caps closely . I changed SAAB part number'd rims after 3 yrs to the same part number rims and the center hole had changed in diameter so I could not use my old center caps.
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