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I’ve been considering buying a 9-5 2.0t biopower sedan from 2006 (manual gearbox) that has been driven for about 99 000 km. Today I spoke to the owner and had a drive test afterwards. Both the interior and the exterior of the car look great; however there are some important aspects where I need some good advice…

  1. The current owner bought the car in 2008. Prior to 2008 all the service checks were performed in a SAAB service center (last in October 2007). According to the service book, in 2008 @ 58 000 km and in 2009 @ 78 000 km just the engine oil has been changed, nothing else. Nothing has happened in 2010 yet (the counter displays 99 000 km). The scan from below shows the engine oil colour. What do you think? 20 000 km intervals for oil change? The owner showed me the book that states to do it every 15 000 km for biofuel engines and every 30 000 km for the rest.
  2. Strange feeling while braking. I had the feeling that the car was hardly stopping while braking - no noise or strange sound was audible though. It was the same type of feeling one have when braking while the car is rolling with the ignition off - of course at a much lower scale. What could it be wrong? How can you test the ABS? Was it because of the brake pads?
  3. Is it normal to feel low vibrations in the acceleration pedal?
  4. Currently I own a sedan 9-5 SE 2.3t from ’98. Here comes my comparison:
  • The noise level inside cabin is definitely higher in the 2006 model then in the one from ‘98. Has anyone else experienced it?
  • Although the car tested has got a 2.0 l biofuel engine that produces 149 hp, it felt way too sluggish compared to the 2.3 l engine from ’98 that has got 20 hp more. Is it something normal, or maybe something is wrong with the engine? I refuse to believe that 20 hp could have such a big impact on the driving experience. It’s been quite a big dissatisfaction as people say the new engines are great and solved all the problems existing in the models prior to 2005…
How risky would it be to buy such a car taking into account the previously mentioned aspects? I love the looks of it, the navigation system is a great addition, but how expensive would it be to fix eventual problems that could be caused by the almost lack of servicing for the past 2 years (about 50 000 km)?

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