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Ok, so since I bought my 9-7x, I had been wanting either an AUX port or Bluetooth. So after some investigating I found that I could spend lots of $ on adapters or try to wire something together myself. For this project I took know-how from other forum posts and websites. In total the project cost me about $25-$30. You may be able to find the parts cheaper or even save yourself some money by actually soldering everything together (I ripped apart 2 different power to usb plugs and neither would work due to plating on metal and solder wouldn't stick). So I'm gonna dive in here and give you a write up on this. Please stick with me as this is my first write up ever. Thanks to Goldelks from tailvoy for his write up on the aux in. Also thanks to the owner of for his nice little writeup on the aux in in a corvette. Make sure to read goldelks's write up first ( then use the pinout diagram from . This is a very crude writeup and someone is more than welcome to help me get this a little nicer. Alright here goes!

Parts list! ---Bluetooth adapter ---Car USB plug ---Cigarette lighter well
Crimp connectors
Heat shrink
Wire taps ----

1.Remove plastic panel underneath glove box. It is held in by 2 7mm screws.
2.Locate and remove XM harness and bring to an easily accessible area.
3.Using the diagram, cut the left, right, and ground wires.
4.Using an old headphone or aux cable (or the one that comes with the bluetooth module) splice in to the xm cable. You can google a pinout of an aux cable to find out which is right and left. The bare copper that is wrapped around the two other wires is the common ground.
5.Take and tap into the 12v power cable with your power outlet wire. Also tap into your ground for the power outlet. Make sure to tap into these wires and not cut them. If you cut them and the XM module doesn't power on, then this hack will not work. For more details check out the corvette page for as to why.
6.Make sure to tape up your adapter so that nothing shorts. Also tape your usb power adapter to the power outlet.
7.Plug in your bluetooth adapter.
8.Re install harness to your vehicle. Make sure that everything works before putting your car back together!

I originally had photos taken, but when I started to look thru them, I realized that they didn't focus well. Sorry for that. Well I hope you guys can use this to get yourself some Bluetooth lovin in your 97X

Happy modding
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