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I've scanned through quite a few posts claiming that the automatic transmission system "learns" the driver's driving profile and adjusts itself in order to, as often as possible, be in a suitable gear. However, nothing has been mentioned regarding situations with several people, with completely different driving preferences, using the same car. How long time does it take for the transmission to "learn" a new person's profile? After some searching on internet, I ended up with this info regarding the VW Beetle:

One driver who drives on average very easy makes the transmission do one thing, while 2 or more drivers with different driving styles causes the transmission to hunt up and down trying to find a happy medium. Ideally, the transmission would be happy with one driver doing the same thing most of the time.

Now for the procedure.
The book says that the driver could drive around using full throttle operation for a period of time trying to reset it (usually takes a day or so), OR the driver can do THIS:

1. Turn on the ignition switch, but do not start engine. All dash lights will illuminate and some circuits will reset, and some lights will extinguish as normal.

2. Immediately S-L-O-W-L-Y depress the accelerator pedal going to the floor. Once the pedal comes near the bottom, some resistance will be felt. Once this resistance is felt (transmission kickdown position), push FIRMLY to the floor, and HOLD it there a minimum of 16 seconds, and then s-l-o-w-l-y release the pedal, coming back up to the top.

3. Turn off ignition...Unit is now reprogrammed. To be sure, do it a second or third time. Then start the car and drive it around using full throttle acceleration as soon as safely possible, even if only briefly. Obey speed limits, but let it run between the gears if possible. A freeway on ramp is the best place to use the full throttle to get through the gears and up to speed. This will tell the computer that the driver will be using full throttle more often than not, and wants the transmission to shift firmer. The more you use full or near full throttle, and engage the passing gear while driving, the more the transmission will respond in that manner.
Is there any similar method that should/could be applied for the 9-3?

Thanks in advance
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