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Fitted the forge actuator with lightest green spring in it. I am getting some overshooting that wasn't there before.

The base boost is about 0.5Bar and, with the APC valve disconnected electrically, never overshoots. i.e. it doesn't bind. I did adjust the rod to get a pretty much perfect fit when it first went on. I have 3.5 turns preload.

This leads me to think that the ECU is causing the problem due to the different characteristics of the actuator i.e. overdoing it.

Q1. Does anyone know the standard actuator spring rating? I could get a spring balace and compare the two I suppose. The new one does feel slightly stronger.

Q2. Anyone else encountered this kind of overshooting with an actuator change? I'm thinking of backing-off the preload a little, but not tried yet. I reset the ECU after fitting. I have BSR stage 1 ECU.
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