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Accessing Relays above ECU.

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I'm fault diagnosing a 1986 16V T and need access to the relays above the ECU. What's the best way to jumper one of the Relays? Do I need to remove the lower portion of the dashboard to identify the sockets?
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Much appreciated. I've got a Twin dilemma. Both 900T's fail to start. It's funny how these things appear out of the blue. I've got a "check engine light" on the 1989 and a no start condition. I've got spark on both, yet no start.

Car turns over but will not fire.
Starter works.
Battery new and charged.
Fuel in tank.
Cleaned Hall sensor contacts on Dizzys
Re-gaped and cleaned spark plugs. All 4 look proper.
Tried different coils, AIC's ,TPS. (un-scientific)
Not getting 12 volts at the injectors.
Cleaned contacts at fuel pump.
I Jumped the fuel relay and tried swapping the 2 relays after disconnecting the Control circuit from the chassis. (plastic piece). I could not hear the fuel pump running. I cleaned the hall sensor contacts and jiggled it around a bit.

Swap a Fuel pressure regulator? (FPR.)
The tach bounces when trying to start. Should I rule that out? It started this morning for a second or 2. I've got the wooden cover off the shelf to access the fuel pump and Fuel Level Transmitter. Checked the ground at the alternator. Swapped Relays in the kick panel. The Bentley is getting quite a bit of use...

Edit: Fuel pressure regulator I have not tried. Thoughts?
Update: The pumps on both turbos were getting 12 volts by jumping the fuel pump relays. I took a good battery and tested all the fuel pumps in the fleet. My 1986S was the only pump that I could get to run. So, I'm assuming a pair of fuel the rotor type and the other a roller type.
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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