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Auto-off diagnostic

Showing codes:
04-Mixed air temperature sensor

06-Stepping motor air mixing flap LH

12-Stepping motor air distribution flap

I took my dash apart on driver and passenger side and checked if my flaps are fines no broken shaft.

Next what I did I took out stepping motor on RH side and see if its turning no it does not..

Then I when to LH side and took small motor with big L on it and that motor is not turning.

But at this point I can switch with my finger my heat from warm to cold and switch positions of my vents…

Then what I did I took out motor on RH side with R on it, just to see if it works and it does move, when I adjust my temperature on RH side.

At this point I have two motors not working and one working, I notice that all motors have same electrical connection on them, so I unplugged all motors, and on RH side where I had some movement of motor with R on it,, I plugged my stepping motor and it started moving, I plugged my motor from LH side and starter moving…

Conclusion is all the motors are working but not where they should….

I have no idea where to go from here I also tried replacing my complete ACC unit and same codes are coming up..

With help of this forum I learned a lot about my Saab but now I am stuck and winter is coming would like to fix my problem but the only good thing I have heat when all the motors are outJ.
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