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I have had issues with my cars AC off and on for the last 3 years, recently moved south and would like to get it fixed for this summer.

The problem is that on occasion the AC will stop working - the fans will still be blowing air, but it will be about the same temp or warmer than the air outside. Occasionally this will happen when I first start the car, other times the AC will be working fine, blowing very cold air, but 5-20 minutes into the drive, it sounds as if the fans cut back to about 3/4 speed and only blow warm air. (When this issue starts immediately after starting the car, the fans sound as if they are going at about 3/4 their normal speed). The only solution I have found is to turn the car off, take out the key and then immediately start the car back up - this usually fixes the problem on the first try, but sometimes takes 3-4 times to get the AC working again.

This happens whether the temperature knob is set to max or an individual temp. (i.e. 70, 72, etc.), and also with and without it set to re-circulation.

When the AC does work, it is very cold, but I never know when it is going to go out, and it is a huge hassle to pull over and restart the car to get the AC to work again. The fans never completely stop blowing when this issue happens, though they do sound as if they cut back some on the volume of air they are pushing through the vents. Also, whether the engine is warm or not does not seem to have any effect - it could have been running 10min before or have sat all day without being turned on and I will still get this problem, any ideas?
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