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I am definitely gonna need some help on this one.

I brought my car into the local saab dealer last week to repair my AC as it was not blowing cold air. So they did the leak diagnostics, added refrigerant, replaced the ICE unit, replaced the condenser hose--for a grand total(parts n labor) of $907.50. After I got the car I noticed that it idled much rougher than before, it registered above 1k and it usually(now that the AC no longer works again) registers at or less than there was a noticable difference. I also could hear a very odd sound coming from what I think was the passenger side air vent when I got up to around 70mph something I had never heard before. Needless to say about 4 days ago I went to turn down the temp in the car n kick in the AC and i got hot air AGAIN!! Now I have the same car I had a week ago but with $900 worth of useless equipment thats been installed. I have an appointment with the repair shop in about 2wks cause im kinda busy. Any thoughts, suggestions, do those sound like parts that would b replaced with an AC problem? Ive never had a problem with this shop before. Any help would be awesome. Thanx.
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