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2002 9-5 Areo Wagon. I had the ABS module take a crap a couple of months ago. Lights came on and speedo went out. Instead of sending it to BBA to get fixed, me being the cheap skate I am, I had a buddy in electronics that thought he could fix it. He got the module back to me and said he thought he may have screwed it up, but tried to fix it. Basically he slipped when reattaching the wires. Put the module in, everything works except the ESP light is on now. It wasn't on before and the code won't clear even when not moving so I think it was messed up in the module.

So I bought a used module from the salvage yard with the same numbers on it 0273004514. Plug it in to my car and all the ASB, ESP, Triangle all come on again, except this time the speedo and cruise still work. I figure that module is bad and then I found another salvage car at yard, but this time I was able to verify the module worked. I plug it into my car and the same thing, all lights on speedo works.

I plugged in the OPCOM Chinese knock off from ebay and it gives me a code (can't remember now) that it can't communicate with the module. Searching online it may be that the brake sizes programed aren't the same and this is the error. Does anyone know if that is correct and if a tech2 can solve the problem, or any other solution?

Moral of the story, send the module to BBA to get fixed for everyone else. I may just put back on the original module and live with no ESP
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