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Hi boys

I don't come on here much, me being a T8 C900 fan :cheesy: :cheesy: but I have a question
my father-in-laws mate has a N/A 9K its a 1993 "K" plate...

he is having troubles with the MOT as the "ABS" light is on all the time & won't go out........

any ideas what the problem is :roll: :roll:

or can he just remove the fuse for the ABS light if there is such a thing.........

I know nothing about ABS on Saabs as both my T8 & T16 have real brakes ;) (ducks for cover) hehehehehehehe


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hi paul, its almost certain the passanger front wheel sensor, if you have a digital volt meter, connect it to each sensor and messure the AC voltage at 30mph and they should all be the same or with in a small tolarance, as for the mot the light must come on and go out for the test to pass.


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