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whats up guys

this weekend i got around to making a true cold air intake for my arc. i had the BSR opti-flow but decided i wanted to extend the piping down for a small project. so i bought a straight pipe and a coupler and attached the pipe to the bsr pipe and placed the filter at the bottom of the new pipe, out of site from the engine bay and down in the front bumper.

however there are two things you need to watch out for...1. the stock intake snorkel. this has to be removed in order to create the whole for the new pipe to go through. 2. theres a small bracket where the horn is mounted, a piece of this bracket needs to be sawed off because if not, then the filter is placed too low and blocks you from putting the bumper back on because of the foglight housing on the back of the bumper....

any gains? well i dunno. the turbo is a little louder even than the bsr was. spool up is actually a little better too because i noticed icould get my car to make the pshh sound at a lower rpm than before which is cool

i also wrapped the intake pipes in the engine bay with exhaust wrap and after a long drive i took off the wrap and felt the pipe, wasnt hot at all. before, it used to be real hot when u touched it so the wrap definately works. it doesnt look bad either, seeing how the wrap is black

i have pics i just have to upload them so ill have them posted by today or tommorow

let me kno what u guys think
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