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Last night on the freeway we hit a very large raccoon. Despite wanting to miss the animal I was unable to keep the creature from heading straight towards the (fog) light. The impact sounded awful and dreadfully messy, however upon inspection the sounds were only pieces of fog light and numerous unidentifiable plastic pieces from under the passengers-side front fender.

From best I can tell we are missing (1) a large elbow piece of air intake tubing. (2) Trim from under the fender that appears to have had some fastening relation to the, now slightly displaced, front lower fender. (3) Most of the wheel well flashing.

Strangely directly after the impact the drivers side air conditioning began blowing hot/warm air. However the passengers side air conditioning continued to blow very normal cold air. Once I pressed the air to the lowest it would go, only then does the drivers side blow cold air.

My biggest concerns (despite the immediate displeasure of an otherwise perfect 2001 saab 9-5 now showing signs of a rather unpleasant incident) are the missing "air intake"? tubing and the strange correlation to the air conditioning.

Can anyone point me in the direction of how to identify these pieces and where I could locate these types of repair parts.

My shop mechanics manual has not helped my search.


Disclaimer, While I've been doing all my own car work for the last ten years on a simple Nissan Altima, the Saab has run so smoothly that I haven't had to do much work in the last 2 years that I've owned it. Thanks so much for your reply and helping to identify the parts and problem.
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