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a little help

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as you know from previous post the big ends of my car went.well the saab garage sent them to an engine works who sorted them and are now in the process of putting the car back together.i was supposed to get the car back today so i phoned them to c what time i was to collect it at and they said the head gasket had to be replaced and they were waiting on the part.
my question is what is a head gasket and more important is it an expensive part.thanks for any help.:cry:
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The head gasket is a seal betwen the cylinder head and the engine block, the part is cheap (relatively) but normally its the strip down and rebuild labour costs that add up. However it may be that they stripped the engine to do the big ends and consequently need to replace the gasket anyway ;)
What are the "big ends"? (sorry, I'm American...)
the big ends are the bearings at each end of the crankshaft, one has the flywheel attached, and the other end has the main drive pulley.
Hiya all - why would they need to interfere with the top end of the engine when doing the big ends - I always thought they were accessed from below, ie by removing the sump? Is it definitely the head gasket they're talking about, or some other gasket (is there one between the sump and the block for instance?)?
Airflow said:
(is there one between the sump and the block for instance?)?
Nope :confused:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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