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A different one

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This is the description of a car I've seen on SAABnet:

Color: Blue Trans: Manual Mileage: 147,000 Price: $1,500 OBO
I am selling this car only because it will not fit 3 kid-carseats (replaced by 9-5 wagon). I bought this car at 95k miles, all regular dealer service until then. It runs drives and great, tight and smooth. Good paint, tires, Sunroof, heated driver's seat, AC recharged and blows cold. 2 prior front end crashes (99 when I got it and 01)resulting in new radiators and minor bodywork, no effect on driveability. Needs antenna, headliner sags some in back, driver's seat seam split, small clear coat peel area on hatch. I replaced clutch, alternator, belts. Needs transmission work, my mechanic did not repair the 'linkage' correctly and I cannot find second gear. I have driven it this way for about a year with no problems but it should be fixed. I have service records, email to discuss.
I am mostly concerned about the tranmission problem. What do you think this would cost to fix? Would this mean a gearbox rebuild?

The pictures of this car look really good. I am wondering if it is worth looking at.
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No. The trans can even be removed with the motor in situ, but really for a linkage this is external.
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