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I am selling A/C parts from a '89 Saab 900 Turbo convertible. The air conditioning wasn't running for a while, the owner before had the belt off. Since the car is a convertable I don't see the need for an A/C. However, some of you might be looking for some parts and don't want to spend hundreds of $.

I have most of the parts available including:

- Nissens Condenser in good shape
- Compressor (free turning wheel, bearing not stuck)
- Console for compressor with all screws and bolts
- Pulley with tensioner
- Most of the pipes including all bolts in good shape
- Evaporator

included are:
- plastic cover for evaporator
- anti-frost switch since capillary tube is broken
- dryer tube (should always be changed after opening the system)

If I find a cover I will also offer the A/C switch in the dashboard.

Send me a pm if you are interested and your ideas about the price.

A picture will follow...

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