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$1600. Dark Green, '99 Saab 9-3, 4 door hatchback. Manual transmission. 137,000 miles. Driving fine but needs love. I didn't buy it in mint condition, but it's always been fun to drive and reliable. I've kept it serviced and running well, but the unnecessary things have been neglected since I've been in grad school. I am the second owner, and it was a corporate lease previously. This car has driven like a champ and hasn't needed any major repairs. Has a lot of miles left in it. I'm only selling because I'm moving off the mainland soon.

Here is a list of what's wrong with the Saab mechanically and on the body and interior.


-Power steering leak. My mechanic is looking for the parts and it will cost around $400-500. I'm going fix this, if I can, in the next few weeks. Can give all the details on this repair.

-Exhaust leak. Not problematic or dangerous but makes the car rumble somewhat. Part could potentially be patched rather than replaced.

Other than that, nothing that I know of mechanically. It drives very well. I've driven it out of state on long road trips a number of times the past few years, and I won't hesitate to do it again once the power steering leak is fixed.

Body and interior

These things were wrong when I bought it:

-Antenna does not extend fully (radio reception fine)

-Back speakers do not work

-Info display does not work

-Check engine light stays on and oil pressure light comes on periodically with a dinging sound (I had both issues checked out multiple times and was told they both glitches, have never had any problems with the oil pressure)

-It came with one key, and it cannot be locked because it will get stuck.

These things have broken since I bought it:

-Climate control panel needs to be replaced (I've been looking for a used one. Heat and AC are fine though)

-Hatchback hydraulic lifts are out

-Driver's side front turn signal lens cover needs to be replaced

-Driver's side back window is not working (I had the motor on this window replaced three years ago and I'm not sure what's wrong now)

-Fog lights have been removed

-Oxidation on the roof

Additionally there is damage to the leather on front passenger seat, and wear on the driver's side floor.


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