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'97 900se turbo oil pressure light comes on and off

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I have a '97 900se turbo manual transmission saab that I purchased less than a month ago. Love it. The oil pressure light comes on and off at times and sometimes doesnt come on at all while im driving. I just changed the oil because it was completely black and nasty. After changing it I noticed the oil pressure light above the turbo/apc (i still have no idea what apc stands for) gauge is still coming on and off.

Any suggestions or comments would be great. I'm not leaking oil or anything and have the correct amount in the car so I really do not know what the light means.
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Welcome to Saab Central.

APC is automatic performance control. The car will reduce boost and can retard timing when it senses knocking. That way, bad gas won't destroy the engine.

The oil light comes on when the oil pressure is drastically low. It has nothing to do with oil level other than running out of oil means that there's no oil pressure. This could be a defective pressure sensor or it could mean that your oil pressure is too low to protect the engine.

The only way to know for sure is to install an after-market oil pressure gauge. Otherwise, changing the pressure sensor may help clear things up. The sensor is on the side of the engine that faces the firewall, partially under the oil filler tube.

If the oil light is on because the pressure is low, that means that there is almost NO oil pressure. Driving in that condition is sure to destroy the engine in short order.

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