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'97 900se turbo oil pressure light comes on and off

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I have a '97 900se turbo manual transmission saab that I purchased less than a month ago. Love it. The oil pressure light comes on and off at times and sometimes doesnt come on at all while im driving. I just changed the oil because it was completely black and nasty. After changing it I noticed the oil pressure light above the turbo/apc (i still have no idea what apc stands for) gauge is still coming on and off.

Any suggestions or comments would be great. I'm not leaking oil or anything and have the correct amount in the car so I really do not know what the light means.
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Like John said, you need to get a true reading on that oil pressure before you drive it anymore. Driving it with critically low Oil Pressure will destroy that engine quickly. You may not have low pressure at all, you could simply have a defective pressure switch or the wire has come off of it and is grounding out on the chassis. If the sensor is good you have to start looking at possible culprits. Low oil pressure can be caused by anything from a stuck oil pressure relief valve (best scenario) to a completely sludge clogged oil passage or pickup screen (worst scenario).
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