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Hey all,

A friend noticed that the caliper was extremely close to the wheel on my mom's 900, (he drives a 900 as well). He mentioned it to me and I pulled the wheel off and there was a very little spot where the caliper had rubbed the wheel. It looks close on the other front wheel too, but I didn't take the wheel off to inspect. Since I couldn't even feel a groove, I figured it was ok, and a result of maybe the lower control arms, pads, or rotors I had replaced over the last 6 months (none of which were OEM saab).

Well yesterday my mom called me panicked and said her car had made a nasty scraping and banging sound so she pulled over and parked it. I advised her to leave the car there and get a ride home. I'm headed to work in a bit and I was going to stop by and take a look, but I'm not sure what to look for. It also looks like her front wheels have a little more camber than they should.

I did look at the top hats of her suspension the other day and they are sitting on the bushings and not raised up or leaning to one side, so everything appears fine up top. I did notice that her sway bar bushings for the middle bar are pretty rough looking, but I think the joints on the lower sway are ok.

Does anyone know what would cause what I assume are both calipers rubbing on the front wheels? And why it would be getting worse over time?

Thank you for your time,
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