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Good morning i have been looking at this forum for help and i have hopefully sorted out my issues that have resulted in getting the car back into a good working fault free motor
i purchased the car 6 months ago from the Southhampton as a summer car and was pleased at the 60000 mls 2 owner
on returning the vehicle back to my home town of Ossett near Leeds i started getting issues with engine management lights poor brakinging on the vehicle to find i could clear all stored faults with my Delphi diagnostic machine
the faults would go but soon come back after a couple of days to a week so i decided to change all brake discs and pads as they were in poor condition hoping this may sort out the issue upon changing these parts i saw that one of the shocker bases was split and i didnt have enough time to sort it my self so i took it to a garage to change all the suspension and have a saab sport kit fitted i informed the workshop of the faults and was told that the fault happend when they had it and may have just been a glitch and keep an eye on the issue if it happend again
A few days later the faults would come back and so i bit the bullet and purchased the tech 2 to see what was going on more in depth
The tech 2 came a week or so later and i looked at all the faults took a photo and delited again waiting for the fault s to come back again

These were the faults that came up

I pinned out the ECU to the brake pump to find high resistance on this and the OBD plug thinking that the faults were beyoned my capabilities and my local auto electrician not wanting to venture into looking at it for me i sent it to a specalist auto eletrician in Leeds i explaned to them what was happening and the faults would only happen now and again and not to delite them as this was the only way of seeing the issue i called a day later and was told that the person who looked at it got it to fault and had delited the faults and could not get it to fault again
I collected the car and paid for a diagnostic check that i didnt need so i was back to square one
i looked on here for the fault codes that i was getting out of the tech 2 and was lucky to find that some one had put up a picture of the can bus wiring i didnt know what each unit was so i printed off the picture and started writing down all the units one by one and what i found was the units that were faulting was all in the same area on the wiring

upon checking and pinning out the wires from the fuse board i was confident that i would find high resistance in a wire with the multimeter
upon checking all wires on the diagram i found all wires were perfect and no issues present i.e wire from fuse board pin b6 342 to pin 1 on 671 EBS pump
fuse board F44 to pin 1 664 auto headlight unit all were perfect all the way throughso on and so on.
I was at a loss and could not think as to why all these issues were happening but all the wires were good until it dawned on me may be the wiring is good the units are all good but the board is faulty
Upon removal of all relays and fuses took a picture of all fuses before hand removal of all thes and a pry at the sides releases the board to find the issues dry joint as the ribon bends causing the faults im experiancing
A second hand board hopefully will cure this issue and i will have a good working car again

thanks to who ever it was who put the picture up of the units and the wiring and all the work people put in to make this forum what it is

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To save some time in future, download a copy of the WIS for Saab. It contains the diagrams you posted plus all the background explanation, component ID and location, etc. There's also an online version, but it's missing a few of the nice features like fault code search.
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