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Your name - Will
Location - Fargo, ND
Contact Information - PM me if serious and ill give you better contact info
Item: 1993 Saab Aero 9000 Trubo, Auto
Description: Used..
Price: $2,500.00 or best offer, really...make an offer.

I have a 93' Saab Aero im looking to get rid of. Drive it nearly everyday to work and really love the car...just running out of room and don't need it any longer. The exterior is nearly mint minus some rust on the front driver fender and some bubbling near the quarter panel. It has some aftermarket Borbet wheels on it, other than that -- stock. It runs perfectly good minus the slight problem listed below. Full leather interior, heated seats, sunroof, astrostart even...most importantly, boost.

The only 'problem' with it is the TSC light is thrown, which limits the electronic throttle body. (A very, very, common problem with them). It runs perfectly fine, just so long as you give it a little bit of gas when stopped, unless you like a little bit of a rattle from a low idle.

If you have any further questions or wanna see more of it, feel free to PM me or whatever. Thanks.

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