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I got a replacement factory amp for my '93 9000 CSE after my radio stopped outputting any volume except at the highest levels. I ordered a replacement from a seller on eBay, it arrived and I breathlessly went out and hooked it up.

Then wanted to cry when it didn't work.

I've tried searching on the net for information relating to the speaker setup of my Saab and had some success. I even found a pdf wiring diagram that I'm sure would be very helpful if I could read it and comprehend. About all I know about this is what is on the amplifier itself, and that isn't much. What is the 3 position switch for? What position should it be in for a 1993 US Saab 9000 CSE? Does putting it in the wrong position destroy the amp?

I'm sorry I'm so non-knowledgeable about all this, but seeing as how I've already spent the money on a new factory amp being able to install the replacement myself would be awesome.
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