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Just bought a 2005 2.8 V6 Auto Aero Convertible that seems to have a couple of gearbox issues. Just wondered if anyone has any advice?

On acceleration from stand still the change between gears seems smooth enough all the way through to 6th (6 gears in a 2.8, 5 gears in a 2.0)

Coasting On the way down though, the change between 5th and 4th gives a real jerk (actually it bangs into gear) and the same ocassionaly from 3rd to 2nd.

On acceleration from stamdstill there is an audible "moan" or low pitched wine in 1st that increases with speed until it changes into 2nd when the noise disappears.

When moving the box also seems to change up too quickly from 3rd to 2nd with only a little pressure required on the accelerator.

Car's been into my local garage today as there is a knock coming from the front end somewhere when going over potholes etc.
The only thing they found was that the lower engine mount appeared a little "soft", but they weren't sure if this is normal?

They've changed the gearbox oil and added some Mercon but it doesn't seem to have done anything to improve the situation.

Any ideas as to the problem and possible solutions?

Thanks in advance.
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