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FS: set of 16" wheels from my wife's '96 900SE Turbo. Extremely minor curb rash, paint looks good. Have 2 original snap-on center covers, additionally one was just purchased from Saab and then additionally another was lost on the highway this week. So you only get three haha.

205/50-16 tires are in good shape but two are starting to crack from dryness and are worn inboard from too much rear camber/toe...expect to replace that pair of tires within a year or so...the other pair are fairly new and should be fine for years to come. Summer/3-season tires.

The roads are just too rough here in Houston for the short 205/50-16's where we live, so we switched out to the 15" 9-3 wheels with taller tires. Problem solved.

Pics up shortly.

BEST OFFER, I prefer not to ship but have 4 nice boxes...buyer pays shipping, USPS Priority Mail is probably the least expensive.

Can deliver to Austin, TX area as we are there about 3x per month, can deliver any where in Houston and outlying areas.


jamesnwilson AT hotmail DOT com, or hstockracer AT gmail DOT com
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