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Hi! Please take a minute to give me your thoughts on this problem that is keeping me from driving. My 1998 Saab 900S Turbo stalls on surface streets. This could be something simple. I’m a gal who hasn’t worked on cars much so I unfortunately rely on repair shops who may or may not be competent, and have switched between two shops that are stumped and no longer want to work on it. One of these is a Saab specialist.

Here’s what goes down 90% of the time I drive the car:

Dash Warning Lights all come on
While Turbo Gauge moves back and forth at top speed, like a windshield wiper.
(These indicate that the car has just become possessed and is about to stall.)
It jumps around a bit, sometimes violently, then stalls, generally at a low speed.
Usually restarts.
RPMs look normal.
Seems most likely to stall after driving, parking and then restarting.
Refueling may be one of the triggers for the problem.
Doesn’t like to stall for mechanics.
Doesn’t seem affected by outdoor temperature or how hot the car is internally.
Happens like 90% of the times I drive the car.

What’s been done already, including all I have record of:

-new spark plugs
-ECU pulled and put back in
-An electrical ground connection repaired
-Ignition discharge control module replaced
-DIC replaced
-battery replaced
-new fuel filter
-serp belt replaced
-map sensor replaced
-idle air control valve replaced
-radiator replaced
-gear selector switch replaced
-purge valve replaced
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