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900s Distributor

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Thanks for all the advice - as I couldn't get a secondhand unit without paying a fortune - i decided to go for a recon from German Swedish and French - It cost me £162 but £40 is a surcharge which will be refunded when i return the old part.

It came complete with new rotor arm and cap and the O ring seal so really not a bad price as the rotor arm a bought from Saab including GM discount cost me £10 and I think they wanted around £30 for the cap.

The part came boxed and looks brand new - I only ordered it last night and its just come now - very good service (for the UK its actually unbelievable).

Anyway thanks again for the advice - i would have stripped it down if I could have got hold of a cheap second hand one (just incase)

Hi Recently bought a 900 s convertible in 2.0 16v form, and have noticed a couple of oil leaks - one from the front crankshaft seal (o ring and seal ordered) and another from the distributor.

i have had a look on the parts cd (epc) and can only find an O ring for the outer shaft of the distributor where mine seams to be leaking through the shaft itself! Oil is getting past the dust shield and into the cap. also leaks onto the coolant hose underneath the distributor. The car has done 68000 and looks to have been leaking for a while.

Does anybody know if the distributor can be stripped down / parts replaced

I have searched the net for a replacement - but at £65 + vat + delivery for a used one!!!! or £98 + vat for what i think is a recon its not a cheap part!!

Has anybody got a spare one????? in the uk if poss
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I believe it is possible to strip down the distributer and either use generic parts or build up what is inside with a little RTV sealant.

Assure that the PCV system is functioning properly, that there is not excessive pressure causing the "leaks".
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