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9000 VIdeo

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Has anyone ever seen that video of the 9000 where they go through many obstacles on a course with classical music. they FIrst come of the truck and they start racing and manuvering through corner. I used to have it but not any more .If any of you have it can you please set a link. THanks in advance.
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My wife explained that to me one time - the Vert's running over the spike strip symbolizes the tragic suicidal death of the heroin (or main romance figure) in a ballet/opera where her futile struggle with several love interests eventually drives (pun intended) her to end her own life. That's why the Vert stands out in red while all the 9000s are of the same color (anonymity of the pursuant male characters).

Totally cool that even in a Saab promotional video there's hidden themes and symbolisms. I show it to my car friends when they come over and they think it's great.

Mag-X said:
A spike strip. Notice the driver not holding the wheel as he goes over them? They're showing off the 900's stability.
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