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All prices don't include S/H

$10 dollar parts
bulb check relay 4109088
analog clock 9513334
wiper switch w/rear wiper 9564394
fuel door actuator 4304911
hood cable (new in bag) 6973218

$20 dollar parts
digital clock/trip 4110607
drivers door lock actuator 8591224
tail gate shocks 4306411
hood shocks 9270240
ETS ecu 4300539
Right headlamp wiper motor
ASR ecu 4159190
ETS ecu 4159182
Brake ecu 4195293 (1992)
Brake ecu 4197927 (1993)

$25 dollar parts
acc control unit 4382933
rear wiper motor (cse) 9083676
drivers mirror assy
left tail lamp (cse)
right tail lamp (cse)

$30 dollar parts
a/c fan (aux fan) 7598980
belt tensioner bracket with shock
LH ecu 7872260 92 turbo
SRS ecu 4176368
SRS ecu 5043799
rear decor panel with good saab emblem (cse)

$40 dollar parts
blower motor
wood dash plate

USED 4360327 (94 AND UP) $50
NEW 7550098 (86-90) turbo/auto. $100/B.O.

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Sent you a PM.

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By any chance do you have this?

I know you are sell off 9000 parts but this may just be the same item carried through off the fuel pump. I need this for a 9-5

I am looking for the short 4 inch wire connector that goes from the pump to the wiring harness. This wire has the square 4 plug connector on the pump side and the rectangle on the other.

If anyone has one that they can throw in an envelope I would appreciate

I Would go $5 for this small wire

Shipping to 11714. Regular mail is the cheapest way to go

Let me know if you have one of these

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