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Removal of engine
Engine removal walkthrough
Removing the gearbox with the engine in-situ
How to replace a faulty hydraulic lifter

Vacuum Diagram

Crank pulley
Crank pully replacement question
Crankshaft pulley removal - single-handed

Headgasket replacement
Headgasket repair on my 1986 8v carburettor 900
Head gasket replacement
Head gasket replacement for a Saab 900 8v Turbo (in 3 hours)
DIY head gasket instructions (Microsoft PowerPoint file)
Can I save it?
Headgasket and sealant??

High idle and rich running problems
Solving rich running and high idle problems on my T16
High idle
Idle hunting problem fixed

Variable idle, stalling and vacuum leaks
Classic Saab 900: guide to curing variable and high idling
Saab air distribution diagnosis and repair
Turbo bypass valve diagnosis and replacement 16v 900 and 9000
Car stalls when coming to a stop

Cam cover gasket
Valve cover gasket

Hints for easier belt replacement

Fuel pump and filter
Fuel pump replacement
How to replace the fuel filter

Cooling system
Radiator replacement
Cooling system service Saab
Thermo fan switch and 82C thermostat comments
Thermostat replacement

Engine mounts
Need some advice on buying an SPG
RH engine mount...just a quickie
Left-hand engine mount replacement

Timing chain
Classic Saab 900: checking wear on the timing chain
Replacing timing chain tensioner

Hot starts
Hot starts and NTC sensors

Vacuum capsule modification
Welch plugs in block + head - what size?

Clutch, slave and master cylinder
Clutch replacement... here we go again
One man clutch/slave R&R with no special tools how to
DIY clutch
So here I go again....
Diagnosing which clutch failure
Clutch bleeding
Bleeding the CLUTCH...HELP...I got a problem
Replaced clutch, now it won't fully disengage!
Clutch issues

Manual Gearbox
No fifth gear or reverse
Adjusting the centering mechanism 1980-mid 1986 900s
Shifter adjustments
No fifth gear or reverse
How to replace the primary drive
Removing the nightmare tapered pin which joints the gear linkage
Reverse pops out of gear or grinds
Gearbox oil change walkthrough
How to check the pinion bearing with gearbox in place

Automatic Gearbox
Automatic transmission cooler lines DIY
Brake band adjustment

CV joints, inner drivers, driveshafts, hubs
Is this a failing CV joint, wheel bearings, or what??
Wheel bearings
Replacement of the inner CV joint boot and steering rack boot

Turbocharging system
Base boost
Saab 900 and Saab 900 turbo APC adjustment 2.0L
Base boost only on APC equipped Saab 900 and Saab 9000

8v ignition timing, including HT lead setup
Plugs and wires
Spark plug gap has a large effect on boost

Throttle adjustment, throttle position switch (TPS)
Fun times with the throttle body/position switch

Starting problems
Stalled.. now she won't start?!
Classic Saab 900: starter trouble
8v Auto poor starting

Alternator and battery
Alternator troubleshooting guide
My electrical problem...I'm stumped
Alternator help
The battery in my 900 exploded
Replacing alternator regulator and brushes

Pulling check engine codes 2.4 LH
Flash code retrieval
Lucas codes (ZIP file)
ECU swaps
ECU compatibility and additional no start tests

HT leads
Urgent: firing order?

Cruise control
Saab cruise control diagnosis
Cruise control fix

Heated seats
Seat repair guideline

Windscreen wipers/washers, headlamp wipers/washers
Headlight wiper motor disassembly

Removing the indicator stalk
Self-cancelling indicator stalks
Self-cancelling indicator stalks
Dashboard switch repair and bulb replacement

Electric windows
C900 Slow Window Syndrome
DIY Window Motor Fix

ABS Codes
ABS diagnostic procedures
Rear brake job on 93 900 S
Replacing 16v rear brake pads on the classic Saab 900
Classic 900 brakes (rear handbrake adjustment)

Steering racks
Replacing power steering rack, step by step
Power steering rack replacement, HINTS or TIPS
Groaning steering: advice needed
Steering rack problem and local mechanic

Suspension system
Hubs and wheel bearings
MY88 on rear wheel bearing replacement
Changing '89 rear hub: how to?
Classic 900 brakes

Springs and dampers
Compressing/uncompressing front coil springs off car

Ball joints
Lower ball joint replacement

Car body, internal
Rattles and squeaks
Rattles and squeaks!!!

Instrument cluster
Odometer/tripometer broken
Putting an FPT boost gauge into an LPT's instrument cluster

Seat base repair
Driver's seat height adjustment fix notes
Seat interchangeability
Seat interchange...
Power seat adjuster failure
Knee bolster removal

Seat belts and SRS airbags
Deactivating SRS airbag
Passive seatbelt replacement on a classic Saab 900

4-door headliners - the truth!
Saggy headlining

Water leaks and drains
Soggy footwells - the cure (at least it works for me!)
Where's me wellies?

Heating and ventilation
C900 A/C problem - belt always running and A/C not working
Heater bypass valve

Car body, external
Bodywork and fittings
How to remove the wing assembly from a 900
Complete SPG panel installation guide: Here it is!

Where do 900's rust?

Glass and Mirrors
Replaced my door mirror today
Windscreen swap
How to fit a new windscreen

How to aim your headlamps

Everything else
Saab Specific Acronyms - Help!

Buyer's guides
Classic Saab 900 - buyers guides

Saab gremlins!
Head gasket

Other help
What is an 'SPG'?
Fix My Saab
Craig's Classic Saab Workshop
SaabCentral C900 Tech Help
Townsend Imports
Shan's website
Matthew's website
Saab service schedules

Owner's manual
Saab 900 owner's manual MY92

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· Saab Mad
14,078 Posts
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The above list started out as a fairly quick trawl through the Workshop archives and has been expanded greatly from others' contributions. However, there will be plenty of quality threads and subjects that should be in the FAQ but aren't.

Please PM me with your ideas. Include subject title and thread link and I'll update the FAQ.

This FAQ will get even better with your ideas :D

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