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900 T16S COnv - Modifications and parts query

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HI All - new to the forum but a few questions on various parts I am looking for + info / advice - vehicle is a Classic 1993 COnvertible T16S

Does anyone know where I can purchase the following parts:

1. Under engine heavy duty tray / plate

2. Diff /gearbox heavy duty plate

3. Short Throw shifter

(I understand a Belgian artesan is manufacturing these - also recommende by the Saab groups on FB - Would love to have a contact)

Which are the best products / brands to upgrade the following:

1. Front / rear brakes - Pads / discs / calipers

2. Spark plugs

3. Ignition cables

4. Ignition system (e.g. coil etc)

5. Suspension shocks and springs
On this one: where can we source in UK / EU some original SAAB TurboS springs - the Heavy duty ones??/

Many thanks to all - Any help gratefully received

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1. Any 900 made after around 1988 has one of these. Just have to find a breaker who still has one on the car. People often overlook this part when breaking a 900 because it isn't one of the spangley bits you can ask a lot of money for. Unfortunately I have none, even though lots have been fitted to cars I've had and broken for parts.

2. Martin at JamSaab sells them. So does Malbrad. (google either and they will come up)

3. As your car is a 1993 you can modify your existing shifter to make it short-throw. That's because the ball at the base of the shifter is metal instead of plastic. You can blip off the welds and re-weld it a different pivot point to make it quick-shift. Martin can do the job for you. May even offer an exchange if you ask him. i.e. send yours down, he'll sell you one he has already modified.

4. Advice on brake pad materials is the same as for any other car. Avoid cheap unknown rubbish. Ideally genuine Saab discs and pads but from the likes of Euro Car Parts you can pick up 'Pagid' who claim to make OEM quality parts. I've had the cheapest discs and pads before and found them incredibly easy to set on fire or melt. For Saab 9000 brake callipers you can use the Ferodo DSC2500 pads. The brembo discs are also cheap and very effective. Also a good idea to bleed your brake fluid every 2 years so if you've not done it or know when it was last done then it improves braking performance and is worth doing.

4.a - The much bigger front brake callipers from a 1994+ 9000 fit the 900 as a direct bolt-on. Just requires slightly longer brake hoses which are easy to find as the fittings are generic M10x1 and common across 90% of manufactures. I've used MK4 Ford Fiesta hoses for this job before but you could just order any length you like from

5. There is only one kind of spark plug for the Saab 900. NGK BCP7EIX are the iridium version I believe? You can get them in the standard flavours, i.e. standard (cheap), iridium (medium) and platinum (expensive). The important bit is the 'BCP7' part of the number as that indicates type and heat range that are correct for the 900.

6. Bougicord are the original Saab manufacturer for plug leads. Get those or if you want something upgraded you can get Magnecor plug leads who are pretty-much the leading aftermarket brand for racing (not just a sticker, good quality product)

7. Not really any parts for the ignition system that aren't just old generic Bosch stuff. Ideally you'd just get rid of all that carp and convert it to trionic 5.5 - then you get rid of the single coil and swap it for coil-on-plug via the Saab direct ignition cassette which slots into the top of the cylinder head.

8. A copy of the sports springs are available from Malbrad. NeoBrothers sell the Bilstein shock absorbers.
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