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'90 900 spark, fuel, still won't start

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I've got a 90 900s 16 valve non turbo. About 3 weeks ago the car started fine, I made a quick stop at a friend's place (1 min down the road) came back out and she wouldn't start. I changed the distributor cap and rotor, new spark plug wires and when changing the spark plug broke the first one off in the cylindar. After a few tries with an easy out I had it towed to a saab place. (unfortunately being up at school, I'm at the mercy of some random shop) They tell me they can't get the spark plug out and also inform me that my head gasket is leaking. (They'd be happy to do the repair for $900) My friend and I managed to tow the car back home. So far I took off the head and had it machined and have managed to put everything back together. Unfortunately she still won't start. I'm getting a spark, have voltage at the fuel pump and can smell fuel on the plugs. I'm in the process of testing the timing (one of those things you need two people to test). Any suggestions, I'm willing to try just about anything at this point.

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