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So I made a video of me replacing my water pump, but my computer is not reconizing my camera for some reason...try to get that on here later. I am a complete amateur and I was able to handle this job just fine. Here are the steps:

1. Jack up car under passanger side wheel
2. Remove wheel
3. Remove the engine mounting bracket on top. Yes, it looks scary to do, but don't worry. This is the big metal looking thing ontop of the engine with multiple nuts to remove (even the nut in the rubber thing). There is a top part, and a side part that is bolted into the engine. Remove it all!

The engine will sag a bit because this bracket holds the engine up. There are recommendations on here to use a wedge, but I didn't know where to put that. What I did was use my jack (preferrably with wood, so it's not metal on metal) just to the left of the oil pan. It seemed like it was still the oil pan. The oil pan seems to have two parts, one that hangs low, and the other side (closer to the passanger wheel) that is closer to the engine. That's where I put my jack and slowly raised the engine up and down so I could undo bolts, and later to put them back on. (keep your jack stand there, the jack should only be raising the engine by inches!).

4. Remove the screw on the engine mount that holds the steering hose (it's annoying, but you can do it!). This may need to be done before step 3, can't remember, but it doesn't matter when, just remove it!
5. Remove the splash shield in the wheel area AND the other one under the car passanger side (it's also under the oil pan).

Oh, make sure you are using a jack stand under the passanger side wheel!

6. Remove the serpentine belt by turning the nut on the belt tensioner (the pully in the back top part of engine as you are looking at the engine from above, and standing in front of car) clockwise.
7. Remove pulleys: belt tensioner, water pump, and idle pulley (water pump is upper middle, idle is top front). There are little bolts around the pulleys that you need to remove, with the exception of the pulley tensioner, that's just removing the middle nut.
*note, on the idle pulley, there are 3 holes on the pulley, you can jam a wrench through one of the holes to keep the pulley from turning so you can loosen the little nuts. The water pump pulley has a center piece you can grab with a vice grip for same purpose.
8. Remove the hose that looks like an accordian in the back of the engine, down a little ways. It's a pretty short hose and on one side I simply used a screw driver to pry it off, the other side came out with just my fingers.
9. Remove the belt tensioner. There are two bolts holding it on, very easy to do, just need to stretch a bit because it's on the back side of the engine, and they're pretty long suckers.
10. Remove all the little star bolts that holds the timing case on (it's just a freakin plastic piece on the side of the engine! When I called the shop they made the water pump to seem like such a big job because it was located in the timing case. lol, when you get to this stage, you'll see it's nothing to worry about).
*note, on the star bolts, I just used either a 6 sided socket or 12, didn't matter, they're not on too tight.
11. Remove the timing case and the water pump is right there with just three little star bolts holding it onto the side of the engine, take them off and out she goes.
12. Replace in reverse. I also recommend replacing the idler pulley, AND the belt tensioner pulley. Hey, why not? They're cheap and you just saved like 850$ doing this yourself!
*one more note. On the star bolts that hold the timing case on, be gentle. I broke one by accident. They're pretty fragile, don't need to get them on too tight.

1. Water pump cost me: 52$ at o'reilly auto parts for a re-manufactured one. (it has a lifetime warrenty, why not?)
2. Serpentine belt: 45$
3. Belt tensioner pulley: 15$

For a grand spanking total of: 112$ and it only took me about 4 hours to do on a sunday afternoon! Again, this is easier to do than some brake jobs I've done.

Hope this helps!

My symptoms prior to starting this job were a chewed up serpentine belt and a major coolant leak. This was all because the water pump had gone to crap.

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awesome guide but I need a little help with water pump pulley

I have followed the guide step by step, but am unable to get any of the pulleys off besides the tension pulley.

I took the six "reverse torx" nuts off of the water pump pulley and the three off of the other pulley, but neither will come up.

On the water pump pulley there looks like a large "reverse torx" screw going in the center of the pulley, but when I try to take the center screw out, the whole pulley moves. Does the center one need to come off or just the six on the outer edge?

I'm almost there . . . . please somebody help me
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