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Hi guys !

I'm new on this forum and i'm a student from belgium. I have a 9-5 ( build in 1998 ), color: midnight bleu. And offcourse i started to change it a bit.
Here's my story:

After a small accident in the front i've bought a front bumper with a aero lip

I wanted to give the car a more sporty look so a bridge spoiler does his job now

Changed the stock indicators to the LED-version

A small but funny project, Strobo's in my front fog lights with on/off switch

Used red paint for a more sporty look outside, and under the hood ( girl was for a shoot for a magazine)

Installed an open air filter

Engine mods
At this moment just a aero ECU with 190hp

Needed turbo pressure and oil pressure gauge

Bought 18" rims, still waiting for tires

Installed Neon, just for fun, also with on/off button ( placed it were the red circle is)

This are all mods at this moment, but i have already a lot of parts in the garage, waiting to be installed:

- Full Aero suspension
- 3" downpipe
- Turbo TD04
- Bosch green giants
- 2.3 engine
- Aero side skirts

Sow i still have a lot of work to do, i'll keep you up-to-date when something is installed.

Greeting Davione
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