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For some stuff yes. When I started this I was a poor college student and thought I could get away with doing body work with a dc stick welder converted to tig.... I definitely would not recommend it.

The hideous rear motor mount was my first time doing aluminum mig...

I plan on eventually buying a nice ac/dc tig mig combo.
I ask 'cause MIG is prefered for sheet metal because you can tack and keep temps down. I have a nice MIG 190 amp 220 vac that is great for body work. I do have a good TIG, but I find it too hard to keep the temps down and for tack welding the MIG is what pro body shops use. When we restored my 1973 911 Porsche my friend who did the body work and is a high end restorer used only my MIG on it.....and he did do a few small patches.

I am currently painting my 2000 Aero wagon, the RED SLED Imola red.......luckily it needed no welding in that it is a NM and CA car and has no rust. We did do lots of body work however in that it had dings in like every panel.

Have fun.
1 - 2 of 121 Posts