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I'm kinda debating where I wanna go with the project as it'd be so much easier to just get her back to stock and use the compound turbo idea on a more tuner car (Starion maybe?). Plus then I can sell my POS daily and use the Saab!
As an owner of several Starions, they are a car that can be tuned, but very little aftermarket support, they require a lot of maintenance, and have probably been hacked up by a previous owner. They only use 2 injectors and for a compound turbo setup would probably need an MPI conversion, which is expensive(need to go standalone, and good luck on finding a manifold).That said, I still love them and am working on swapping everything from my built 88 widebody to an 86 flat body. The guys on are pretty helpful.
1 - 1 of 121 Posts