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Just bought a 1999 9-5 with 177k. The previous owners said that the pcv system leaks and needs to be replaced. The pcv system on the car is not the updated one, so I went ahead and ordered the #6 kit, (yet to receive in mail). I was showing off the car so I was running it on the hard side, revving the engine and such, and in about 5 minutes light smoking started coming from the engine. I assumed that it was leaked oil burning off. Upon closer inspection I noticed the smoke wasn't coming from just one spot. The valve cover and head have obviously been taken off before and the valve cover gasket is that liquid goop. Anyway it looks like the smoke is coming from the valve cover? Is the valve cover gasket bad or what? This is my first Saab and I love it and want to keep it running good, and I'm aware of the sludge issues. I'm thinking of taking the valve cover off anyway to inspect the sludge. So what's the smoking all about, bad pcv or bad gasket or both?
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