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Saab 93 SE Turbo 2001
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Tow Bar wanted for 9-3 1998-2002 though the 900 Tow Bar from 1994 also fits. Please contact me on 07904457341 or through SC site.

I also have loads of Classic 900 spares various from 1976 onward's including an earlier cylinder head that would need some work and a couple of later 16 valve in very good condition which could probably virtually go straight on. A set of good alloys with tyre's came off of my K reg 900 which sadly gave up the ghost last year, a couple of odd spare wheels and tyre's,a set of early alloys (no hole for the later pin to locate).The Tow Bar that came off of my K reg with electrics and another without. All sorts of relays etc some from forty odd years ago! A couple of radiators, plastic trim, including used underskirt I didn't get a chance to fit to my K reg, various hoses difficult to get now! All spares going cheaply. Give me a call, I will try to help.
Good Luck. Brian
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