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I wanted to share something I found out this weekend when I was trying to get my 2004 9-3 window switch to work
Background...I have a 04 SAAB, like i said, whose main switch wouldn't allow the drivers window to go down and I wasn't able to put the passenger window down with that switch but I could on the passenger window switch. I was able to control the rear windows as well just not the front two windows. This is how it was when I picked it up, didn't know at the time getting a new switch involved the use of a Tech II. I read that you can use electronic spray to clean the contacts and the switch could possibly work, sprayed my switch and nothing. I checked all the connectors as well to see if they were loose, at the door and at the switch itself. I then took my switch a part, took the circuit board out of the switch and sprayed it, cleaned it and noticed that a couple copper contacts were covered in a corrosion/oxidation of some sort. I took the edge of a blade and GENTLY scrapped the filth off the contacts till they were a shinny copper again. I then put everything back together and the window went down with no trouble or hesitation. I will try to add pictures of what I mean, obviously this will not work if the problem is more then the switch but I checked the lock/unlock switch and it was pretty bad as well. You will have to be very careful though not to mess anything up but this worked for me and I wanted to share, better then spending a few hundred dollars. Cost be about 10 with the cleaner.

Tools needed
star bit and extension to get the door off
small screw driver to open the switch
electrical cleaner spray, safe on plastic
small blade, or head of the same small screw driver

EDIT-added a picture I had to borrow, the arrow points to the copper contacts I was referring to.


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