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I've just picked up my 9-3. When I picked it up, the roof worked perfectly. Worked well yesterday and then this morning it opened but when I went to close it, it just wouldn't

So here is the roof status.

I have toppped up the roof hydraulic reservoir with Halfords hydraulic fluid. It was alsmost totally empty but is now full to the max level. The top is in the closed position and the hydraulic "tap" is in the closed position. When I press the switch to open the 6th bow unlocks and moves at most 2-5mm then the motor starts to work, and sound pretty strong, asif trying to open the roof with no avail, then the SID shows "Soft Top Failure" When I then press the switch to close the roof the 6th bow locks the motor sounds to be working and the "all done" beep happens.

If I lift the 6th bow an inch from the point it stops when opening, it won't move at all to lock, basically the locking mech seems to be pulling the 6th bow in and pushing it out when unlocking. but the roof isnt moving at all.

There seems to be ooomph in the motor, the fluid tap is locked and following a read of another post I have tried about 50 cycles of the roof to see if the hydro system needed to work air thru,

Does anyone know if the system needs to be bled, if so how do I do that with a non functioning roof, or does anyone know if these symptons indicate a specific issue.

The car is awesome, just have to get this fixed.
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