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Thought this information i got from Crutchfield for my recent aftermarket speaker swap might be useful for the forum.

This is for a MY02 convertible, but worked for my MY03 and might be valid for all MY99-MY03 convertibles.

L dash: + brown, - brown/gray
R dash: + brown/black, - brown/red

L door: + yellow/white, - orange/white
R door: + gray, - brown/red

L rear: + brown/white, - brown
R rear: + brown/green, - brown/white

I used Boston Acoustics SE35 with 600Hz bass blockers in the dash, and Boston SE65rc speakers in the rear panels. I swapped the mid-bass drivers in the doors for Kicker 10CVT654 4-ohm subwoofers. All with the factory headunit and low-end amp for the doors. Covered the door panels with Dynamat while I was in there.

The SE35s drop right in to the dash, fit perfectly. The SE65rcs needed a bit of elbow grease to get into the stock brackets, but they fit well too. The Kickers dropped right in to the factory brackets and sound much less muddled than the midbass drivers that came installed. All in all, a worthwhile upgrade for about $200.

I'll put up my factory speakers in the MarketPlace if anyone needs one.
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