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I swapped in an ACC unit form a '99 9-3 into my '03 vert with pixel display problems. The part numbers are different, but they both cross to the same new #... so I thought it should work.

When I plug in the replacement unit and start the car, I get a "5E" (or possible "SE") displayed. If I try to run the calibration routine, it displays the letter "C". It does not seem to run calibration at all with the countdown it is supposed to do. It does turn on the A/C full blast after a moment but it just stays in that mode. Re-installing my old ACC unit restored everything to normal operation.

Any ideas? Should I assume that the older unit isn't compatible? I would have though that it would display the code 22 "programming required" if that was the case, but it clearly did not. There's not even a code that a 5E could be mistaken for with more segments if there was a pixel problem from what I can find. FYI - there's no guarantee that the replacement unit was working before I installed it, but if there's something else I could try before returning it, I will take your ideas!

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