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9-3 2008 doors not locking/unlocking

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Hi everyone!

I've had my 9-3 2008 for about 1 & a half years now & got it all nice & fixed up and all that remains is some rust work, a new paintjob and solving the door locking problem.

So a few weeks after I got the car some of the car locks started misbehaving (sometimes they wouldn't lock/unlock so I had to pull up the little nob manually) throughout the past year the problem has only been getting worse, working less & less.
At this point the only door that works 100% of the time is the rear passenger door as that was actually fixed up before I got the car as at that point it just wouldn't open at all.
The other doors lock/unlock here & there, depending on how they're feeling I guess :p I do pretty much always hear the *click sounds of the doors trying to unlock but the nob just doesn't go up/down most days. I remember opening up all the doors about a year ago to see if there was something obvious I could see & try to fix, but I didn't really find anything.

So my question is if anyone knows what is likely to be causing this, do I need to find a new part for the motors or do I need to lubricate or take care of oxidation & such...

Would appreciate any advice & thank you for your time! 馃榿
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You need to take lock module to table, open it and clean carefully.
You can buy another modules and swap them. No need of TECH2.
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